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"Thank you so much for providing us with such a comprehensive WJIV Assessment of our son. I'm so pleased we got this done sooner rather than later. It is very interesting to see you mention aspects of him as being related to his learning ability that I had put down to being funny or cute traits. I must confess it is a bit overwhelming but am so glad to know there are ways for me to help my son succeed and enjoy learning. Based on your recommendations I have started gathering resources to aide homework time. I have found the public library to be particularly useful for audiobooks & readers and I have ordered a variety of flashcards to assist with phonics, blends and spelling online.
-Michaela, Parent

Thank you so much for your wonderful reports and excellent service you have provided me and my boys. We are following up on the recommendations suggested by you. I have implemented a great art-based program for my son called ‘dyslexia games’ and he is really enjoying the activities.
Jaimee, Parent
"It is very pleasing to see the huge improvement in my daughter’s spelling & reading comprehension You have performed absolute wonders with her & it has been lovely to watch her confidence grow. Thank you again for your hard work.Y6, Te Rapa Primary, Hamilton Parent
"My son enjoys attending his coaching sessions and is showing improvement. It does not feel like detention. You have a very caring and welcoming team and I am so glad I found you. You are very passionate about what you do.Y6, Rototuna School
"We wanted our son to gain confidence in himself and appreciate that he is supported in his dyslexia. The Learning Coach had him at ease by the second coaching session. He is comfortable going to coaching and this makes it easy for all parties. He seems to be gaining in self-confidence. His school report noted how neat his handwriting has become and he also met all standards for the year.Y5, Horsham Downs School
"We were looking for a tutor who would have the knowledge and patience to help our son with his dyslexia. He has improved in his spelling and phonetic knowledge. He is able to sound out words much better now which was a struggle before. His ability to use the computer and get his thoughts and ideas down has greatly improved too. He has also grown in confidence and overall with English. The staff at Ultimate Transformations are very kind and helpful and we are very happy with their serviceParent, Home school
"We were looking for a specialised programme to meet our daughter’s individual needs as well as support for us in terms of encouragement and a point in the right direction for what we could do to help. Our daughter seems to have grown in confidence in her abilities and shows a greater willingness to try out skills where before, she would get upset and be fearful of failure. She is tracking along well for maths and reading (National Standards) but needs more help with writing. The staff are very approachable and helpful. Their availability has been excellent, and they have always made time for us in person or on the phone or email. The end of year written report from them was excellent.Parent, Te Kowhai School
"I have improved in my reading and sounding out words. Visualisation has helped me see words in my head. I feel happier and confident. I use positive self-talk.Y6, Southwell School
"I enjoy my sessions at Ultimate Transformations because it is fun. I know I am making progress because my writing is neater. I also enjoy going to the gym for a short break.Y4, St Columbus School
"Visual spelling strategy and splitting the word sounds helped me understand how to spell. Describing pictures helped me have a bigger vocabulary and write better.Y7, Hamilton Christian School
"This really was one of the best things I could have done for myself and my children and I feel like kicking myself for not getting out there and looking for more information sooner. I guess the overwhelming feeling of each diagnosis/label knocks you down and you’re just a bit stuck as to what to do next, treading water - yes your moving, but not forward...hope that makes sense?? It was really, informative I felt really comfortable as everyone that was there wanted to be and keen on learning sharing. The speaker herself was wonderful, the examples she gave and feelings she brought out of me really gave me my first glimpse into what my sons must deal with. Especially this card game example she used. Thank you for advertising this, I hope others take a step toward going to whatever info session their interested in. If they ever ask my opinion, I will absolutely say it’s one of the greatest things they'll ever do.Parent
"I found last night’s presentation on ADHD informative and it was great to meet Sherry who is a valuable resource as an educational therapist.
Many thanks for the opportunity to gain other insights into ADHD and be able to access resources recommended by Sherry .
"Thank you very much for the notes. The seminar on ADHD was very informative and well presented. We thought it was the best presentation we had in a while. Thank you again very much for sharing your knowledge with us.SPELD NZ Teacher
"The seminar on ‘Building Resilience in Children’ was very interesting. Sherry gave us some valuable information that we can use with our students. We enjoyed her activity at the start of the session that gave us an insight into what resilience really is and how it shows up in our daily life.SPELD NZ Teacher
"We were looking for support and encouragement our son’s learning. We found the assessment extremely useful for discovering what he finds easy and difficult in his Learning journey. The remedial teacher was very supportive and encouraging as well as knowledgeable. The result was that Jake gained confidence in his writing at school and knowledge about what he finds difficult. After the assessment, he found a place in the classroom to support his concentration and wrote 5 pages. The teacher was very impressed.Y7 Silverdale Normal School, Hamilton
"With coaching from Ultimate Transformations, our son has improved a lot with spelling and comprehension. His last report indicates that he is now at the level required except for writing which was marked as well below. We were also very happy with your visit to the school. It made the school take notice and they put changes in place for our son.Y7 St Peter Chanel, Hamilton
"Since our 10-year-old boy has been going to Sherry, he has switched into school work. I love that Sherry consults his teacher so that they can work together on getting the best results. His attitude is now very positive and he is enjoying going to school.Y6 New Stead Primary School, Hamilton
"Something about my learning I want to celebrate is spelling because my teacher made me do lots and lots of practice of sounding out my letters. I really liked the games and going on the computer because it made learning fun!Y3 Southwell School