About Ultimate Transformations


Who Are We

The idea for starting Ultimate Transformations comes from our firm belief in children and their ability to succeed when provided with early recognition of difficulties, targeted and holistic interventions and individualised support that acknowledge and meet their specific needs physically, emotionally and academically. We believe that students learn best when their emotions are settled, and they are in a happy and confident state.


Our keys to see students make progress with their learning are:

Self-Awareness: We help students develop an awareness and understanding of their strengths and limitations.

Self-Confidence: We help students to change their belief from ‘I can’t do it’ to ‘I can do it’. It is very important and empowering to have a feeling of emotional security resulting from faith in oneself and their abilities.

Executive Functioning: We train them to use cognitive skills and goal directed behaviours to experience academic and personal success.

Emotional Regulation: We teach coping strategies to deal with emotions and behaviours.

Everything we do in a trifold brochure for you to download or print. Just click the button below to see the PDF.

Information Brochure

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Why Us

Our Programmes are:

Reliable: Our coaches are dedicated, well trained and have the knowledge and understanding of the needs of children.

Personalised: They are meticulously designed to suit the specific needs of each child and the skills are directly and explicitly taught with constant student-coach interaction. We use a combination of well researched, tried and tested programs that best suit each child.

Multi-sensory: We integrate visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and tactile techniques to enhance understanding and memory.

Engaging: Our tools and techniques are fun, stimulating, effective and are simple to learn and can be applied in day to day situations.

Systematic: We meet the child where they are at with gentleness and compassion, focussing on gaining mastery of basic skills in a step by step manner.

Holistic: We teach metacognitive and cognitive strategies which are the foundations on which all learning takes place.

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Our Ultimate Vision

Our Ultimate vision is to make a difference to society by influencing, inspiring and empowering children to be nothing less than their absolute best, living successful lives with courage, confidence, commitment, enthusiasm and purpose.

To empower our students to DREAM- BELIEVE- ACHIEVE


Our Ultimate Aim

With our coaching programmes we strive:

  • To meet our students with gentleness and compassion, unlock their inner strengths and abilities within them with researched and proven tools and techniques.
  • To enhance Self-Understanding and Self-Acceptance which will help our students cope in both personal and academic levels by having power over their thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
  • To prepare our kids to live, learn and succeed in a complex and changing world with confidence, courage, commitment, enthusiasm and purpose.
  • To help ambitious students to achieve higher, discouraged students to discover the love for learning and struggling students to succeed and become lifelong learners.

We do not have a magic quick fix, but, what we do have is a wide range of well researched and evidence based principles and techniques to help students be successful lifelong learners. They are simple to learn and easy to apply in daily life situations.

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