The Learning Process and Specific Learning Difficulties

The Learning Process and Specific Learning Difficulties19 Nov 2018

Every child wants to be successful at school. A child’s success at school is crucial to their self-esteem, self-confidence and motivation to learn. It is extremely important that a child develops a positive attitude towards school and learning. Good learning involves the following steps:

  1. Taking in information
  2. Processing the information
  3. Retaining information in memory
  4. Retrieving information when needed.
  5. Transferring information from one context to another.

However, in every classroom worldwide, there are children struggling with some of the steps while others struggle with all five steps of learning, making school a frustrating experience. It is easy to make assumptions about such kids as being naughty, lazy, careless and inattentive, but they could be having a Specific Learning Disorder – which means they may have a limitation in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in the learning steps.

Limitations in processes such as auditory processing, visual processing and executive functioning which are crucial in understanding or in using language, spoken or written, affect a child’s ability to think, listen, speak, read, write, spell or do mathematical calculations. Besides affecting their literacy skills and academic performance, these difficulties have a negative impact on their emotions and behaviours.

Specific learning difficulties cannot be cured, but with the right adaptive strategies, assistive technology and individual educational plan a child can achieve personal and academic success. An early diagnosis is important so that children can understand why they struggle in a particular area at school despite their good efforts.

We, at Ultimate Transformations, provide a range of assessments to identify the child’s strengths and struggles. We teach well researched tools and techniques not only to use their strengths, but also to strength the weak processes of the brain, to achieve personal and academic success.