Functional Movement and Performance

Functional Movement and Performance

Programs at Movement & Performance are focused to facilitate athletes in their mission to excel in their chosen sport. Our programs can cater to athletes pursuing individual sports or team sports. Specific aspects of strength and conditioning are targeted to help athletes perform to their true potential. We cater to athletes at all levels of fitness and our program enables them to improve their speed, agility, quickness, mobility, stability, strength and power in their chosen sport.

Our mission is to provide sustainable and long-term solutions to functional movement and performance barriers. Our programs, created on the principles of current research, enable athletes to unleash explosive movement and deliver superior performance. We place a large emphasis on injury prevention - a major aspect in the long-term development of an athlete and general health and wellbeing.

Functional Movement and Performance

Athletes: 9-12 years of age

    Athletes will learn the fundamentals of physical training in a fun and game oriented environment.

    The program promotes:
    • Fundamental skills: coordination, balance and strength are developed through basic games in a fun environment laying the foundation for advanced training.
    • Physical skills: running, landing, jumping, throwing, striking, catching, dodging and rotational skills are implemented through games that include elements of strength and conditioning.
    • Social skills: teamwork, camaraderie, sportsmanship, communication, concentration and focus are developed through games.

    Athletes: 12-16 years of age

    Training to Train!
    Athletes will learn the fundamentals of athletic training in a strength and conditioning environment.

    The program promotes:
    • Fundamental skills: mobility, stability, strength and power are developed through focused exercises and drills laying the foundation for athletic development.
    • Physical skills: speed, agility, change of direction, balance, footwork, strength and explosive power are incorporated in everyday training.
    • Sport for life: athletes understand the importance of health and wellbeing and the benefits of engaging in sporting activity lifelong.

    Functional Movement and Performance


      Athletic development!
      Athletes will find that our method of training improves their mobility, stability, strength and power in their chosen sport.

      The program promotes:
      • Sport-specific speed and agility: speed, agility and footwork solutions to develop required quickness on the field/court.
      • Sport-specific strength and power: establish ability to move explosively with the required strength to back your skills during play.
      • Injury prevention: focused on prehabilitation so that you can remain injury free throughout the season.

      Movement Based Program!
      Sore back? Tight shoulders? Stiff neck? Recurring injury?
      Relieve the stress from your everyday job and look after your personal health and wellbeing.

      The program promotes:
      • Mobility: provides a better range of motion for performing your everyday activities without pain or restriction.
      • Health and wellbeing: provides a ‘feel good’ factor to increase your productivity and levels of energy through exercise.
      • Injury prevention: promotes basic strengthening of key muscles and joints to avoid injuries.

      Adults will find that this program helps them tackle long-term injuries that they have not had the time to deal with. It will provide a basic level of fitness and activity to those with a low-activity lifestyle.

      General Well Being!

        The fundamental principles of movement and performance can be customized to suit anyone at any level of fitness. This includes those who are looking to achieve their personal health and wellbeing goals through exercise and functional movement. Our program will look after your health and wellbeing, allowing you to find manageable solutions to your everyday problems.

        The program promotes:
        • Cardio based sessions (weight loss)
        • Strength cardio sessions
        • Strength and power sessions
        • Injury prevention

        Group training sessions and multiple session deals are available, get in touch to know more.



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