Specialised Gymnastics

Specialised Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a foundational sport that is proven to develop cognitive skills, basic motor skills, coordination, strength, balance and flexible movement in children and young adults. Ultimate transformations is committed to bringing gymnastics to children of all abilities. The new program is specifically designed to benefit children with physical and intellectual limitations. It gives them an opportunity to learn basic gymnastics skills in a secure, private and kid-friendly environment. Parent/Caregiver participation is mandatory during the sessions.

What to Expect from our Inclusive Gymnastics program? Our program is highly customized and can be adapted to suit the needs and abilities of the student. Our coach will have a kick-off meeting with the parent and student to set goals and define the program outcome. The program outcome can be a mixture of gymnastics skills, social and other skills. Each student will receive a written program and students will be encouraged to complete the program at their own pace and regular feedback sessions will be held with the parents/caregiver along with program-end written reports.

Time: 12 PM to 1 PM, Monday to Friday.
Cost: $45 (inclusive of GST) for group sessions. maximum group number 3 or one on one sessions - $69 (inclusive of GST)



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