Woodcock Johnson IV Test (WJ IV)

Woodcock Johnson IV Test (WJ IV)

The WJ IV is a cognitive-educational evaluation that you may want to consider if you suspect that your child is struggling at school. It provides valuable information about the underlying causes of their learning difficulties. The evaluation is followed by a comprehensive report with practical recommendations to support them in their area of need. This evaluation is used for:

  • Diagnosis of Specific Learning Disorders - Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia.
  • Identification of cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses.

7 to 15 years

Based on the test results we direct clients to independent consultants for further assessments/therapy such as an Occupational Therapist (fine and gross motor skills and sensory difficulties), Speech and Language Therapist (Communication difficulties), Audiologist (Auditory processing difficulties) and Optometrist (Visual processing difficulties)

The independent consultants work from their independent premises and have their own appointment schedule and fee structure.