Rohan Kandoi

Rohan Kandoi

Functional Movement Coach

About Rohan

Rohan is a functional movement training coach. With a Masters in Sport and Exercise Science majoring in Biomechanics, he specialises in working with athletes and adults to add quality to their daily lives through superior movement. He is keen to use his skills with children and youth to enable them to stay fit and healthy. During his academic study his research was based on movement mechanics and sprint kinematics in youth, power and strength interventions to enhance sports performance. He is continuously improving his knowledge by consulting with his mentors from different disciplines to be the best he can be for his clients.

As a functional movement training coach, I am passionate about maximizing physical abilities and minimizing physical limitations. I am always looking for ways to promote better movement for long-term and pain free participation in physical activity and develop physical fitness in adults and children.

Rohan's Educational Background

Masters in Sport and Exercise Science (Biomechanics) – Wintec

PGDip in Sport and Exercise Science (Biomechanics, Strength and Conditioning) – Wintec

Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science – Wintec

BSc. (Physics) – India

Favourite Quote

"All education of the body should begin at birth and continue throughout life. It is never too soon to begin nor too late to continue."
- Sri Aurobindo